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Metered customers will be given a monthly allotment of water they will be required to stay within. This amount will be reflective of the 40% irrigation water cuts taking place this year. Check your customer portal login after May 1st to identify the amount.
No outdoor watering between the hours of 10am and 6pm.
All new landscapes are subject to the same restrictions.
Restrictions will be enforced and the irrigation season will likely end mid September.
1st offense: Warning, 2nd offense: $250 fine, 3rd offense: $500 fine, 4th offense: $1,000 fine and shut off for remainder of the season.
Due to current drought conditions, the District is requiring all secondary water users to reduce their water use by 40%. Please click HERE for more information on programs or other opportunities available to you to help achieve this requirement and be a part of ensuring a continued high quality of life and resilient water supply into the future.
Please click HERE for more information on the current drought.